Realistic Tattoos

Realistic tattoo artists

Realistic tattoos have grown in popularity in Bangkok tattoo parlors in recent years.

This tattoo technique, which provides lifelike representation, can be utilized for portraits, to create stunning landscapes, and excellent reproductions of jungle mammals, amphibians, and aquatic species. Because of their nature, realism tattoos can be equally as effective in black ink, grayscale, or colorful colours. They’re virtually the tattoo equivalent of beautiful art.

A realistic piece, well-accompanied with scripture and literature, is best placed across the breast given to the broad, constant area of skin. You can even opt to wrap your design across your back and forearms.

With incredible artistry and expertise required to produce these 3D-like designs, make sure to visit Bloodline Tattoo, since only the greatest realistic tattoo artists in Bangkok can be found here.

Take a look at our portfolio for ideas for your own tattoo design.

Bring in a photo or describe the image – our artists are completely capable of meeting your requirements. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll accomplish it and then some, providing you with possibilities you may never have considered. Finally, once we’ve decided on a final piece, we can begin to work.

Each artist is hand-picked for the task, which means that whichever piece of art you want inked onto your flesh, only an expert will be handling the gun.

Whatever your realistic desires are, we can replicate them in the style you choose. We also provide a variety of ink selections, including color, black, and grey. Get the entire tattoo in one sitting or spread it out over a few days; whatever you desire, we’ll supply. After all, that’s how it should be, with you in the driver’s seat. Our tattoo parlour is professional, clean, and the finest spot to get that dream piece of ink.


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