Japanese Tattoos

Irezumi Japanese Tattoo Artists

Japanese Tattoo Design in Bangkok is one of the oldest tattoo styles, as well as one of the most popular.

These complex designs, designed in either a traditional or modern style, can only be produced in the best tattoo studios, including here at Bloodline Tattoo.

Although Japanese tattoos are frequently created utilizing a gradient of black and grey hues, they are also known for containing spurts of color such as fuchsia, punchy oranges, and pops of blue, Japan’s fortunate color. Depending on the piece, the user may choose to include a color that has a special meaning to them.

Koi fish, Geishas, Dragons, Samurais, and Tigers are common aspects in this style, which is rooted in their Asian origins. They, too, are inked onto big canvases, such as the back, shoulders, forearms, and legs.

Look through the gallery of detailed designs made at Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok for ideas for your Japanese tattoo.

although these tattoos are incredibly complex and frequently cover the entire body or substantial sections of the body, they must be executed by an expert. Our expert tattoo artists at Bloodline Tattoo can also recreate exactly what you want. Sit back and enjoy the studio’s comforts before ultimately, once a design has been chosen, sit on the bed and allow our specialists to go to work. Each artist is hand-picked for the task, which means that whichever piece of art you want inked onto your flesh, only an expert will be handling the gun.

We understand how beautiful Japanese tattoos must be, and by looking at our work, we know you’ll see we’ve got what it takes. Scroll down and look at the photographs below to learn more about Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok and see for yourself why we believe we are Thailand’s greatest tattoo studio.

Get a Japanese tattoo in one session (if you can handle it!) or spread it out over a few days – just remember that we’ll supply everything you desire. After all, that’s how it should be, with you in the driver’s seat. Our tattoo parlour is professional, clean, and the finest spot to get that dream piece of ink.


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