Chicano Tattoos

Chicano Style Tattoo Artists

Chicano-style tattoos are pronounced as being monochromatic (using deep black inks & smooth grey gradients) to create designs that are in reference to their style origin.

With Santa Muerte (an image of a woman decked with national decorations & skulls) frequently being the primary emphasis of a Chicano piece, these tattoo styles commonly contain crosses alongside words or dates specific to the individual or an important event. They are also best suited for large canvases such as the back, chest, forearms, and hips.

Once reserved for the criminal elite, a Chicano tattoo is now one of the most popular styles at Bloodline Tattoo, one of Bangkok’s most famous tattoo parlors.

Look through the collection of designs done by the award-winning artists at Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok for design ideas.

At Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok, you may also choose between tattoo gun and traditional bamboo alternatives, bringing up a world of possibilities that are difficult to find in other businesses.

Chicano tattoos, as you might expect, are intricate and detailed in design, and our crew is highly adept in reproducing the exact tattoo you seek, regardless of delivery method. After all, that’s how it should be, with you in the driver’s seat. Our tattoo parlour is professional, clean, and the finest spot to get that dream piece of ink.


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