Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoo design

When it comes to portrait tattoos, we believe that the best tattoo parlor in Bangkok, Bloodline Tattoo, is the only place to go.

A portrait tattoo, which is often used as a tribute, comprises either a human figure or an animal, whether it is only the face of the present or the entire body. While black and white ink with minimal shading is commonly used, some people choose to deviate from convention and customize their tattoos with color. You can choose something artistic, cartoon-style, or old-school, but we are confident that you will be pleased with your piece anyway.

Our award-winning artists can bring any vision to life thanks to their exceptional talent and experience. So, if you want to capture the soul of someone special to you, come to our Bangkok tattoo studio immediately.

Take a peek at our fantastic array of portrait tattoo designs for ideas.

Whatever your portrait preferences are, we can replicate them in the way that you desire. Choose between a tattoo gun and traditional bamboo choices (although the gun is usually more realistic), then sit back and enjoy the journey. We also provide a variety of ink selections, including color, black, and grey.

Get the entire tattoo in one session or spread it out over a few days; just remember that we’ll provide everything you want. After all, that’s how it should be, with you in the driver’s seat. Our tattoo parlour is professional, clean, and the finest spot to get that dream piece of ink.


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