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Mandala Tattoo Designs in Bangkok are becoming increasingly popular, with each piece bearing its own unique significance based on the individual, which frequently includes balance, perfection, and immortality.

The Lotus flower, which originated in Buddhism, is a common motif of Mandala tattoos and can represent wealth, creativity, and beauty in Western societies. To highlight the spiritualism of the tattoo, some people may choose to exhibit their lotus with a Snake, the Kundalini symbol of life force, or a Butterfly.

A Mandala tattoo has several location options because to its geometric design, although it is frequently suited for flat areas such as the chest or back on men and the thigh, shoulder, or forearm on women. These elaborate motifs can also be applied to or hidden behind the earlobe. A Mandala has limitless applications.

Take a look at the Mandala tattoo designs done by the artists at Bloodline Tattoo, one of Bangkok’s most recognized tattoo shops, for ideas.

Mandalas are stunning when they are expertly positioned and inked. Fortunately for you, our studio employs the best artists in town, as well as some of the best in Thailand, for this specific task. Scroll down and look at the photographs below to learn more about Bloodline Tattoo and see for yourself why we believe we are Thailand’s greatest tattoo shop.

At Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok, you may also choose between tattoo gun and traditional bamboo alternatives, bringing up a world of possibilities that are difficult to find in other businesses. We guarantee that each mandala will be excellent, every time, whether you want the uniformity of the gun or the traditionalism of the bamboo.


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