Blood Line Tattoo Bangkok

Because of our pool of award-winning tattoo artists, Bloodline Tattoo is renowned as the greatest tattoo shop in Bangkok. From Chicano to Japanese, Mandala to Portrait, each piece of work is crafted using either a machine or traditional bamboo application, with great quality retaining the focal point of each design.

Bloodlines tattoo aftercare techniques also help them to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and remain at the top of our game.



Kobe Herring

Easily the best tattoo shop I have ever been too! Only place you should consider if you want to get a tattoo in Thailand! Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. Excellent artists, excellent management and an excellent experience. I’m so stoked with how my tattoo came out! Will definitely be back to add more to the collection!

Josh Saunders

The best tattoo shop in Thaliand and a must for any tourist looking to get a high quality piece for a great price. The boys were very welcoming when booking in and the artists couldn’t have been better quality. Definitely recommend coming in if you’re planning a trip to Phuket.

Holly Chapman

Hands down best tattoo shop I’ve ever walked into! Incredibly talented artists and such a clean sterile environment I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I booked in for a spontaneous thigh piece and the managers and my tattooist helped me out and in no time at all I had this incredible piece drawn up in front of me. Can’t wait to make the trip back for my next one!


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